Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Tabloid Hacks and Their Hacking.

It dominates our news. A soap-opera of huge proportion.

That corruption exists in news reporting, in the police and in our government – such revelations can hardly be considered shocking in surprise, though they remain alarming nonetheless.

"A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honourable, generous, tolerant and respectful."

So not British Government and Police then, clearly. As for the journalists, few and far are those who it would be hoped held those complimentary traits so named above in their aspect.

"Carry On Murdoch". Only in Britain could there be a cream-pie-throwing incident in the middle of a Parliamentary Committee. I'm surprised Wendi Deng's top didn't fly off like Babs Windsor, and it didn't all play out to the Benny Hill tune. Farce.

Then came Mensch.

Now, I feel no warmth for Piers Morgan. At all. But what a squirmy, petty and childish woman Mrs.Mensch proves to be.

It is worrying when a former tabloid editor really does seem to have more intelligence in argument than an elected politician. If you cannot stand by what you say, do not say it.

In Yiddish, a 'mensch' is someone who lives with integrity, views the world with empathy, and allows for a perspective more nuanced than black-and-white and good-and-bad. One can only presume Louise is not a Mensch by nature then.

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