Thursday, 6 January 2011


‘Call on The Divine, but row with purpose away from the rocks.’

Prayer is said to be an act of communication between ourselves and the Divine. The Divine is whatever you believe or feel it to be.

Prayer can be expressed in words, in music, feelings or actions.

Prayer is hope, faith and a search for inspiration.

In one sense we are praying all the time, it is just that there are many different levels and types of prayer; we may not even class it as prayer, but just hold various wishes and desires that we would like to come true.

Prayer is not something that belongs to only those who follow a religion. After all, without wishing to offend, religion is really the creation of man, whereas spirituality is our connection with whatever we feel is divine.

I don’t really concentrate too much on theology or the metaphysics of life. Questions such as ‘what is God?’ or indeed, ‘is there a God?’ and ‘what will happen when I die?’ et al. These are, to me, questions that can never truly be answered.

Of course, I do believe it good for us to follow a philosophical path of enquiry into discovering our purpose, and to have hold within a strong value as to what is the 'Meaning of Life'. Which is anything that takes us towards feeling more contented and at peace; a greater sense of abundance in the areas of health, wealth and happiness resounding within us.

Having said that, I do believe in something, whatever that may be, connecting us all. It makes all of this here on Earth seem much more magical for a start. There is poetic joy to be found in the thread of synchronicity for one, and it happens to me too frequently for me to put it down to chance, or do anything other than welcome it. To do so would be to deny the inherent gift of intuition and insight. My only wish is that I perhaps gave more thought to the sign I find in such things, rather than what is a fleeting happy recognition of them at the time.

But back to my opening point; to call on The Divine, but row with purpose away from the rocks.

I wrote this slight tweak of an old Indian proverb because, as is often the case when I feel rather low and lost, I’m pleading for some kind of guidance to bring me out of the dark, back into the light. And I must trust it will come. However, it can never come alone. When we find ourselves flailing in a storm that is the ocean of our life, seemingly uncontrollable waves bringing us closer to the rocks of despair, it is ultimately up to us to row damn hard in the opposite direction.