Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I’ll not build suspense and wait until my conclusion, no need, as what follows will soon point to my clear standing that the inaugural night of ‘Studio Seven’ on Sunday the 11th of December 2011 was one of thee best parties I have been to. Ever.

I’m not sure what precisely secured me into stepping out into the Sabbath eventide, particularly after one of the most gruelling working weeks of the year (if you’ve not worked in hospitality, you might not fully grasp how going out voluntarily to any social event in December takes such a huge effort).

Sure, I was buoyed by being with a valued friend (one Mr. Stuart V), and undoubtedly both by the claim to bring an unparalleled night music together with the warmth of the invitation helped; it deserved some attention and support.

So I dropped down to London Bridge – early at about 5.45pm because I (happily misguided in such) thought I’d be done by 9pm at the latest.

As I descended the stairs following a few minutes of being lost in the upper bar of Belushi I was greeted with beguiling charm and gracefully ushered in.

Coat in the room, I went to the bar, with prices I’ve not seen since the late 80’s – just £2 for a V & T as example – which in these austere times meant a night out in London Town need not be an expensive one.

Shortly after I was met by one of the men behind the whole venture, one Alan Dixon. Being still on my own at this time, this friendly engagement made for a warm welcome; much appreciated.

My company arrived, along with some soon-to-be-new-found friends, and before too long what might have been a fairly low-key affair was soon pulsing with a good throng of folk. Drinks, conversation and laughter flowed, and being unable to deny the finest grooves being mixed out, the dance floor began to pulse to perfection.

Then came the time for the ‘live’ portion to the night. And any doubt that this seemed an unnecessary (as the vibe was already hitting high) break in the whole affair was swiftly dispelled.

My oh my! What gifts we were given!

First up was a sublime slice of bewitching acoustic number from one Haribike Pepito.

Next up we had the sensational sass of Shanti.

And then the gorgeous Sian Thomas cleaned up the rest of the applause with a trio of numbers, showing her direction and, as finale, her roots that saw the crowd go WILD to her vocal and her Dad's blues harmonica in ‘Got No Cash’. I cannot find enough superlatives here – so let me just say AMAZING.

But that wasn’t it. Oh no. Couldn’t end there. And so the rest of the night was given over to our second DJ Maestro Mista Pierre, who span us all off into dancing heaven.

Was it a great night? You knew I was saying that from the start.

As Berthold Auerbach put it: ‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’ It certainly did, for as we all know (and to borrow again from another), great music is to the soul what a water bath is to the body. Boy, were we cleansed!

All hail the acts, the band, the DJs, the supporters such as those from ‘ethikool’ , the crowd and all with the ‘Studio Seven’ Team (especially Alan and Andy). Thank you.

Bring on the next!