Friday, 25 June 2010


Martin H. Fischer, physician and writer, once put: “Minorities are the stars of the firmament; majorities, the darkness in which they float.”

I read this recently in nodding agreement, whilst also acknowledging that, though in my heart and soul I do feel and have always felt akin to the former as opposed to the latter, I’ve felt far from standing tall as such. Perhaps I am indeed a shining celestial creation, yet the dull void has all too often threatened to overwhelm, to consume my light like a black hole.

Is this simply a denial, a blind hopeful stubbornness on my part; or is it that my energies, as disrupted and dissipated as they may be, instinctively pull me towards a better, more rightful way of being? I wonder if this question passes through others as often as it does me, and if they too know the truth in what the 19th Century writer Alfred de Musset was most correct in saying:

“How glorious it is – and also how painful – to be an exception.”

I have, I don’t think, ever really conformed. There was a time when I wished to do so, but it was against my very being I believe, and so any attempt was failed at with the aplomb one would wish could only be equalled in brilliance. As much as I may once have yearned to ‘belong’, I inherently knew that the customs of tribe are not the law of nature.

Am I an eccentric? Perhaps. Or, as Dame Edith Sitwell put, perhaps “I am not eccentric. It’s just that I am more alive than most people. I am an electric eel set in a pond of goldfish.”

Well, it is indeed time to become electrified, to ignite, to fly as a phoenix. You see, I think I’ve got my moxy mojo back. So 2010, look out… G is a-coming!

Blessings and riches to you all.

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