Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Just... er... lovely.


You sometimes need one of these. I sure did. They are rare, but that is what makes them so memorable, as you escape the day to day humdrum and live – for a few hours at least – a rather starry existence, glimmering gold and, though overwhelmed, also utterly ready to happily embrace.

Did I feel rather ‘Barrie’ Bradshaw tonight or what! Not as in he that doesn’t wobble anymore – an obscure 80s Weight Watchers ad reference, though with a 3 stone loss this year I’m glad to say I don’t now (much) - but in the oh so very SATC sense. J

First a perfect Dirty Martini (prepared and presented with attuned knowledge rather than by request) at my old place of work, welcomingly imbibed in conjunction with many lovely hello smiles and hugs.

Then on to a magazine launch party, as a guest but predominately as a writer for it, held in a glamorous venue in the heart of the most cosmopolitan metropolis in the world with a glamorous cosmopolitan mix of people… Great known company, beautiful hosts, warm new acquaintances, along with super cocktails, music and dance et al.

Never had strangers ask for me to have a picture taken with them (aside from the one time at the theatre when a whole school group thought I was from ‘The Lion King’ and despite my protests to the contrary the teacher with some vehemence angrily accused me of lying and insisted I followed the requests.)

As it turns out, apparently my ‘look’ was on point. Not that I follow fashion (yes, I like to ‘dress’ but it is my ‘dress’ not a dictate). However, according to one Amazonian Stylista I was perfectly ‘Formasual’. And this was after she found out I wasn’t batting for her team (I do wish I didn’t confuse the ladies, I’m always sorry I do).

What is funny on this style front is that I incidentally only happened to be wearing the bow tie with my outfit upon arrival as I came across it errantly stuffed in my jacket pocket en route. Which either makes a mockery of fashion, or proves that leaders are organic – I jest on the latter.

In all – or rather, to sum up this self-grandoising ramble – I had the most fantastic night. One of the best ever. Hence why I had to write this, as a record of the fact (lest I forget in darker times). And my most humble and grateful thanks to each and all that made me feel so AGLOW!

Plus I got the last tube home! J

NB: Formasual - “Gone are the days when dressing had set rules that must be obeyed... now, the best dressed people know how to mix tuxedo trimmings with weekender relaxation (denim) and carry it off with effortless class.”

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  1. I'm just posting a comment saying 'YES', because my Mum can't any more (and no-one else does anyway) but she would have - she told me to go out there and LIVE! Mum - I'm doing what you made me promise. GX